URBAN HANGOVER is the “OFFICIAL” Urban Professional National Meet Up and Getaway every year. Started in 2012 in Las Vegas Nevada. 


It’s time for a “UH REUNION” we are asking all the UH Veterans to join us where URBAN HANGOVER started which is Las Vegas Nevada for a weekend of seeing old friends, retelling stories, and kicking it UH Style!  The weekend of Memorial Day (May 23-27 of 2019) is a perfect weekend for an URBAN HANGOVER REUNION!!
We are going to be going to Vegas along with 14 other promotional companies for a “Vegas Blackout” Experience!! We will have parties but we are also experimenting with other events also that weekend that will stimulate your brain as well. Guaranteed to be Exciting and Fun like always too!
URBAN HANGOVER set a high standard when it came to the “QUALITY & SPIRIT” of the people we attracted and our GOAL the weekend is to gather those same people together to continue our great relationships forward! 
Please consider coming as we have a few surprises in store for the “UH Vets” that you do not want to miss! Tell all that came on ANY of the UH Adventures in the past that we are getting the band back together in Vegas for what will be an EXPERIENCE you won’t ever forget!! Please register ASAP for the Vegas Blackout trip! 



Jerome “JayDee” Davis



  • September 25, 2018