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VBO is designed to stimulate and further formulate mind, body, palette, and lifestyle tastes for all individuals who bless us with their energy and presence.

Exploration of new ideas, new music, new thoughts, exquisite food and fresh paradigms will always be incorporated into the VEGAS BLACK OUT Weekend!


Our GOAL is to Attract TASTE-MAKERS from all over the World that are PROGRESSIVE in all ways, CHIC - by all means, PROFESSIONALS without a question and FUN without a Doubt!!


Vegas Black Out (VBO) will experiment with different concepts throughout the weekend. VBO is all about breaking new ground and heightening your thoughts, audio and visual experience on all levels!


VBO SEMINAR/SESSIONS” will be designed to advance your personal and professionals development. Technology, Business Disruption, Politics, Money Mechanics, Relationship Enhancement are just a few of the topics we may explore! Expect your personal and business NETWORK to definitely expand because of the VBO Weekend!


VBO aims to uncuff DJ’s and Artists and allow them to DJ and be non-commercial once again. Listening parties, Dances Parties  will all take place on VBO Weekend. The normal is in unnormal during the VBO Weekend!


Our Goal is to be your personal “Food Concierge Guide” to Fabulous Restaurants and Food while you are in Las Vegas. Although it’s hard to find terrible food in Vegas we have some inside information as to some of the “Best Places” to indulge your pallet!! VBO will partner with incredible restaurants and direct your path to these wonderful culinary spots!! You will appreciate us for this experience immensely!


The VBO Weekend is all about Style and Class and what event doesn’t have a “Signature” Event. Our “Noir Affair” will bring out the Extreme Sexiness in you! The entire weekend is a fashion expo interwoven with aspects of an actual Fashion Experience!!


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Vegas Black Out

The experience designed to stimulate the body, mind and the palette.

  • November 8, 2017